As we know if we want to produce the extrusion profiles. the extrusion mold will be the best important part in the full production line. Here we will show you which parts of the extrusion mold made up and what are the functions of each part...

1.Die head 

The die of the profile extrusion tooling is responsible for spreading and forming the 200°C hot PVC-material. It comes from the extruder under high pressure (up to approx. 400 bar) according to the demanded profile geometry. The die has to fulfil numerous tasks in the single die zones.


2. Calibrator

The calibration is responsible for forming and cooling the PVC-material prepared by the extruder. The material enters the dry calibration pre-formed from the die with a temperature of about 200°C. The PVC is formed with the aid of vacuum in the definite profile form. Additionallythe dry calibration unit is responsible for cooling down the material. Thereby the PVC is in dry contact with the steel of the dry calibration (reason for naming). The calibration fulfils numerous tasks in the single calibration parts.

3. Cooling tank / Water tank

The cooling tank / water tank is responsible for cooling down the profile coming from the calibration to a temperature (the hottest area inside the profile has about 65°C) that avoids deformation (e.g. in haul-off or by cutting). The tank is charged with vacuum to guarantee the moulding of the profile in the short calibrations. It is passed through cooling water to lower the profile’s temperature.

4. below pictures are show our samples were made by our mold.

Above are the details of our mold.if you want to know more info pls feel free to contact me.

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