Maintenance of the extrusion die

(1) During the maintenance and cleaning process, improper loading and unloading or improper cleaning is one of the main reasons for damaging mold. Therefore, the demolition and cleaning of the mold should be completed by professionals.

(2) The die-head should be disassembled and cleaned with red copper equipment.

(3) The die face (sealing surface) can be cleaned with fine oil stone or metallographic sandpaper.

(4) Before the assembly, the runner should be polished with metallographic sandpaper to lower roughness and coated with a thin layer of silicone to reduce the corrosion of the gas and moisture during long term storage.

(5) During the assembly process, all the bolts, screws bearing the surface and thread, must be coated with high temperature grease (7020).

(6) When the mold is being dismantled, it should be payed attention to avoid collision. When installing, it should be installed according to the serial number of the board.

(7) Water tank in the routine maintenance should be ensured that after the tank plate is enclosed in, the four sides of the water tank should keep appropriate space for adjustment.

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